One of a Kind Haunt Experience

The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park is BACK, with two haunts in one: a 3500 square foot eXperiment Maze and the mile long terrifying outdoor Trail through twisted pines and gnarled oaks.

CNN named the Haunted Trail in the Top 5 BEST HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS in America!!! And it was recently named in the “Top 3 Halloween Destinations in the US” by America Haunts Association.

The first gauntlet to survive is the 3500 Square foot eXperiment Maze, home of a menagerie of witches, clowns and a smattering of Fairy Tale Freaks, including “Moldy Locks” and her 3 man eating bears.
Then it’s on to the mile long Haunted Trail through a portal that transports you in space and time to the foggy Ghost-filled Graveyard, the Freddy Krueger Ghoul Bus, the deadly smokey meat house and the chainsaw laden barn.

The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park; A Trail of Terror for Twenty Five Years!!!

Parking is FREE in Balboa Park

Featured Haunts

The eXperiment Maze

To earn your passage to the mile long Haunted Trail, you must first make your way through the terrifying 3,500 square foot eXperiment maze. The eXperiment Maze is just that, an eXperiment on the senses as you claw your way through confusing twists and turns with something new and sinister around every corner; perhaps you’ll encounter a coven of witches appearing and disappearing right in front of you, or “Moldy Locks” and her 3 Grizzly Bears coming out of hibernation looking for a tasty human morsel! Or other feared childhood favorites lurking in the dark corners waiting just for you, including 3 “not so little” drooling mutant pigs who circle you to make you dizzy, confused, repulsed and ultimately devoured.

The Haunted Trail

If you make it through the eXperiment Maze, you have earned the next adventure to embark upon the mile long journey through San Diego’s infamous Haunted Trail. Enter the Portal that transports to you a different reality, time and space. Along the path, feel your way through the dark dense fog of the ghost filled graveyard. Join the fellow dead mourners gathered in the cathedral as the deceased “Lady in White” rises and floats above you. Climb aboard the Ghoul Bus and share a horrifying ride with all the Freddy’s, push your way through the deadly smoke filled meat house. Experience the Fallout aftermath of a nuclear devastated town crawling with radioactive predators. And evade the Louisiana Zombies who have slithered up from the slime of the bayou to chase you through the barn with their screaming, smoking chainsaws… It’s definitely no “walk in the park”!!

Have You Heard?

Had a phenomenal time with friends. It was just the right type of scary. The staff was not overbearing. I loved that the scenes were current with some of the scary movies.
Had a blast. Front scare actors were nice yet scary. All the trail actors were energetic and scary. The maze was a little unnerving, as we kept going he same way and seeing the same actor. Make up was amazing. Loved the bus and graveyard. Even the employees in the front and front lines come out and scare you.
Lala Machete
This is a great Haunted Trail! So much fun! Sreamed my head off!! I recommend VIP so there's no waiting in line.


WARNING: All patrons enter at their own risk. Owners & sponsors are not responsible or liable for any harm incurred on the premises. This attraction contains high impact scares and strobe lights which may not be suitable for people with heart conditions or prone to seizures. Attraction may include the use of fog juice as well as spraying water. Sorry, NO pregnant women, infants, or children being carried will be allowed entry. Not recommended for children under 10.

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